Daycare's activities

The daycare is a place where the child can practice various activities allowing him to make different experiences and discoveries, and to open on the world which surrounds him.

Play is essential to the child’s development and to the building of his individuality and personality. All the actions of the day are sources of activities. For example: washing hands, eating, tidying up games … Our role is to provide the young child with an environment and space to explore, experiment, build and play.

Vacant Activities

Free play is essential to the balance of the young child. Free activity can be played alone or in shared with others. The professionals leave at the children’s disposal games and educational material (construction games, farm animals, books, dolls, …). The child evolves in the game and in space at his own pace.

Motor and sensory activities

Motor activities

The motor activities offer the child a space that promotes the construction of the body diagram. Thus, the child experiences his various motor abilities, stages where the discovery of oneself, of the other, of the environment passes through the body. Professionals offer children different materials (blocks of foam with unevenness, balls, hoops, …) that they discover at their own pace.


Creative activities

These activities offer children new experiences. The child appropriates techniques, materials, gestures through which he can measure his abilities. The child is an actor of his work, his discoveries, his learning.

Different creative activities are offered to children: painting, drawing, cutting, collage, modeling clay, …


Outdoor activities

A closed and secure outdoor area is available for children.

Children can play in the open air, where new games (not used in the activity room) are used (tricycles, carriers, …).

Jeux de mots has a double stroller to take a walk outside (park, library,…)


Awakening toddlers

As far as babies are concerned, there is no activity time given that the awakening of the little one is carried out at all times in all the daily activities. This is why our team offers adapted equipment, stimulating their senses or motor skills (musical mobiles, play mats, …).

As soon as babies begin to move, they can invest the living room so they can do their own experiments safely.



Musical activities

In addition to the pleasure it provides, music is a factor of cognitive development in children. It leads to the exploration, understanding and apprehension of sounds and what produces them. It is also an essential element of socialization, music is above all a matter of exchange and communication. Musical activities can take many forms: singing or mime games, free expression, songs, use of musical instruments, etc.

Music and daycare rhymes are in English and French. The choice of music and language is made by children.


Generally, children are attracted to books and like the adult to read books and tell stories. A reading corner is arranged. Reading times are organized before nap and meals, to allow a return to calm. Books in English and French are available to children at any time of the day.

The books are in English and French. The choice of the book and the language is made by the children.